Time to celebrate, Dream Catcher!

Leah Michelle wrote her first book and launched it to Amazon’s BEST SELLER List….

Camille saved over $1 Million in payments & interest by getting her medical student loans FORGIVEN…

Jasmine took the leap from budgeting/saving to INVESTOR (a crucial step to building wealth), with the purchase of her first stocks. Now her stocks have more than DOUBLED in value! *not typical*

Ummm…who are they? How?

Just a few of your fellow Dream Catchers who – by joining our Live Richer Academy – turned themselves into Dream Builders….setting them up for stronger financial and “live richer” lives.


Guess what? Here’s my big accomplishment that I’m super proud of – I helped them get there!


In 2016, I created an online financial school – the Live Richer Academy – to give you the resources you need to take your finances and life to the next level.

Budgeting and savings? I GOT YOU! But you CAN NOT budget & save your way to wealth. There are sooo many other tools that you’ll need to achieve financial freedom.


If you read to the end, I’ll show you how to get started on your financial freedom journey, for FREE! Woot woot!


How The Academy Works:

I brought in an amazing team of experts (50 instructors and counting) in areas like credit, stocks, real estate, financial aid, estate planning, starting a business, branding…and the list grows and grows and continues to expand.

These are the very same experts that helped me go from owing over $300,000, to my current 7-figure net worth.

Yup! They are my Money Team and I’m sharing them with you.


Some of my Money Team members.

Ari: My attorney, $400/hour

Sandy: My side hustle coach, $997/small biz class

Alanya: My stocks coach, $100+/class

Dreea: My publicist: minimum $3000/month

Angela: My financial aid strategist, $697/student loan forgiveness course

Netiva: My credit expert, up to $265/year

Terrie: My tax expert, $99/month


ALL of these wonderful coaches & experts are instructors inside the Live Richer Academy.


When I asked for advice from various business gurus (not my money team members, lol) on what to charge Academy students, they advised “a bare minimum of $47 a month”.

Why? Because of the quality of instructors and their individual costs. They shared that there were lots of folks who were already charging $97 monthly, for 1/4 of the information I wanted to share with you.

*clap* said *clap*, NO *clap* WAY. Why? You!


My mission has always been to help as many women as possible to achieve financial freedom and live richer lives.

I didn’t want the amount to block you from access to my Money Team. I didn’t want to shut out the people who I knew would need my help the most. Folks who are…lost, struggling, or unable to spare anywhere near that amount.

I kept hearing that a business structure and philosophy like mine “would definitely fail” and that I shouldn’t worry about people who couldn’t afford to join. *clutches pearls*

So, what did I do?


I made the Academy $9.99 a month. Yup, you read that right.


I fought to keep the Academy UNDER $10/month and I’m still fighting to do so.

That means in the Academy you get access to ALL 50+ experts for one YEAR, for LESS than what ONE expert would charge you for one HOUR of their time. Yes! *wall slides*

That means the Academy is $0.32/day… A.DAY! What can you buy with a quarter, a nickel and 2 pennies daily? A piece of candy? Not the good kind… Lol.

Again. One.whole.week in the Academy ($9.99/4=$2.49), costs less than a good a cup of coffee! Chiiiiiile…


Learn more here.



I’m giving you a MONTH FOR FREE! It’s on me. Keep reading…


Sidenote: If you are already a member of the Live Richer Academy and you want to go from your month-to-month membership to a 6-month or 1-year membership let me know, here: https://livericheracademy.com/wp/contact/


I’ve been paying close attention to what members love about the Academy, what they would love to see more of, and what we could do to make life even easier for our student-learners…and your girl has been in the lab.

The Academy has been completely revamped and the re-launch party begins RIGHT NOW.



“Over 100 financial, business and self-development courses, 50+ instructors, 24/7 unlimited access, 3 convenient subscription options, around the clock customer support, online private community forum, direct access to experts.”


Here’s a glimpse at some of the crazy exciting perks of Academy membership that you may be seriously missing out on as we speak:

  • Multi-Level Learning – Track your progress with four custom learning plans designed to help you achieve financial success with your current financial, business and/or life goals.


  • Ask the Expert (ATE): The Live Richer Academy hosts weekly, online, one-hour Q&A sessions with industry experts. During these live events, members can watch, learn, interact and probe the smartest minds in personal and financial development.


  • InspireHER Series: This live series features women and men that have accomplished high levels of success. Hear the origin stories of remarkable people who have achieved their dreams during this one-hour, live session.


  • Dream Builder Intensives (DBI): Throughout this 22-day, challenge-like course, members receive daily tasks via email, and our private, online forum. The Intensive is cultivated to help members accomplish a specific goal upon completion, i.e. purchasing stock, the establishment and funding of a retirement account, purchasing a home. etc.

*Note: All live lessons are recorded and made available for unlimited access immediately.


  • Private Forum: Need support? Have a question? Seeking accountability? With the Academy comes to access to our private Facebook group where 95% of our experts, coaches & instructors are available to you after the lesson. You’ll also get to connect and work with our current 17,000 members.


All of this…along with some brand-new, fancy-schmancy website and upgrades…without an increase to the cost of the Academy by even one penny. Woot woot!

But…I need to keep it real with you. I can’t keep this party going forever at this price for incoming members…

What I CAN promise you is that once you join the Academy (and keep your membership active), your rate will never go up. So NOW is the time to join and lock in your rate.

To make sure that I am doing everything that I can do to get you to the next level in your finances, I squeaked out even more savings for you for a limited time (basically until my finance team finds out what I’ve done lol). Chile (* wipes brow*); y’all are working me!


Super, Special, Limited Time Offer

SHOUTING: You have until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, August 25th, to redeem a $10 coupon (using Promo Code = lragoodie) towards any of the 3 Live Richer Academy membership subscription options.


That’s one month on the house.

  1. Monthly subscription – Complimentary for the first month (Original – $9.99), $9.99 monthly for remaining 11 months
  2. Bi-Annual subscription – $39.96 (Original – $49.95). You already get 1 month free with this option, now you’ll get TWO months until this Saturday.
  3. Annual subscription – $89.91 (Original – $99.90). You already get 2 months free with this option, now you’ll get THREE months until this Saturday.

 Promo code is applied towards first payment only. All future payments will default to the original cost.***


I wonder what the business gurus would say if they heard what I was up to now? Who cares. Lol.

I won’t tell them if you don’t. 🙂

Instead, YOU tell me…

What are you ready to do in your life right now that I can help you with:

Your business idea you never got off the ground? Real estate mogul dreams but don’t know where to start? Are your student loans weighing you down? New tax laws making your head spin? Need help with a new resume that will get noticed? Ready to save for your next vacation?

Let’s do it. I’ll see you inside the Academy!


Join Here: www.joinlra.com


How to use your coupon:
1. Go to www.joinlra.com
2. Select a subscription
3. Type in your contact info and create a password
4. Click “Sign Up”
5. Click “Have a Coupon?”
6. Insert promo code: lragoodie
7. Click Apply
8. Input credit card info
9. Click Enter on your keypad or “Purchase”
10. Congratulations!! Enrollment complete! Welcome to Live Richer Academy!


Here’s some direct feedback from other students on how their lives have changed in amazing ways since joining the Academy:


Leah Michelle:


“I have some exciting news to share. Since taking the small business intensive with the amazing Sandy Smith I have been on my grind getting my brand together. My website is almost done. I’m launching my first of 3 t-shirts to go with my book “Unapologetically Me”. The shirt launches tomorrow and now that I’m a certified life coach I’ve decided to focus my coaching to work with aspiring authors. My LLC paperwork is in the works as well. I’m getting close to being a business owner and I owe it all to you dream builders and Tiffany.”



“On tonight’s #AskTheExpert with Kara Stevens, I learned that many women, especially women of color, are taught that deprivation, suffering, and martyrdom is noble. That it’s a good quality, a sign of strength, which makes us a better person for being able to do without or do with less. This is false. Deprivation is not noble, it’s a form of hurt. Deprivation teaches you that you deserve less than everyone else. We have got to get comfortable with comfort. Our financial identity has to evolve as we evolve as adults. Child, I could type all day and not cover all of those golden nuggets! Great lesson, right on time, and it’s just another example of why LRA is soooo necessary, valuable, and important for our community. I’m so grateful to be here.





“I just wanted to send a big “THANK YOU.” to Elle Jay (Resume Genius) for her help with my resume.

Prior to your consultation, I did not receive any responses for months…

Today, I can say that I have been receiving responses and requests to discuss the positions further. This is a BIG step towards my job hunt.

Just wanted you to know that you were on point and I appreciate you.



I can’t wait to share your success story and celebrate all your upcoming wins with you.

For now, I’m going to go stretch so that I can be ready to lead us in the Ciara Level Up dance challenge once your welcome-to-the-Academy party gets warmed up.


Join here: www.joinlra.com


Live richer,


How to use your coupon:
1. Go to www.joinlra.com
2. Select a subscription
3. Type in your contact info and create a password
4. Click “Sign Up”
5. Click “Have a Coupon?”
6. Insert promo code: lragoodie
7. Click Apply
8. Input credit card info
9. Click Enter on your keypad or “Purchase”
10. Congratulations!! Enrollment complete! Welcome to Live Richer Academy!
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