September 14, 2014

Cheap Trip to Jamaica


A few weeks ago my best friend told me that she and her Boo were going on a trip to Jamaica. She said she found a great deal on Orbitz and invited me & my Boo to come.

I asked how much the trip cost and was surprised to find that it was waaaay less than I imagined.

We left on a Friday morning and came back on Monday night.

The cost of the trip including: flight, an all-inclusive hotel, all food, drinks, entertainment, roundtrip transportation from the airport to the hotel and taxes & fees for…. $607 each!

Cheap Trip to Jamaica

I know you’re wondering… how?! Three things:

1) Orbitz had a promo code that my best friend found. It saved me $93!

2)  We traveled the weekend after Labor Day. Traveling the weekend after a holiday weekend is a great way to find deals because most people will be back to work. Resorts often offer post-holiday, weekend deals to entice travelers to come back out.

3) We also visited during the end of the peak season. All popular travel destinations have a peak and off-peak season. The busy season in the Caribbean is from December to May. The high season begins to die down in mid- to late April and from then through May, is a popular lower-cost time to visit the Caribbean.

“For those seeking deals, shoulder seasons (just before or just after summer) are the best times to grab a discounted rate or a creative and cost cutting package,” advises Jody Diamond, owner of Diamond PR and frequent Caribbean traveler. ” We went at the end of the summer, that’s why we were able to snag this deal.

An additional bonus to traveling during the off season is that the resort where we stayed was only 1/2 filled so we were able to enjoy the island without the crowds.

The Details:

1) We booked with Orbitz

2) We stayed at the Riu Negril and LOOOOVED it! It was beautiful, the food was yummy and the staff was helpful & nice.

For more frugal travel tips check out this post: The Budgetnista’s Best Travel Tips

Now on to the good stuff, the pictures….

Cheap Trip to Jamaica
our room
Cheap Trip to Jamaica
hotel lobby

Cheap Trip to Jamaica    Cheap Trip to Jamaica  Cheap Trip to Jamaica  Cheap Trip to Jamaica  Cheap Trip to Jamaica  Cheap Trip to Jamaica  20140906_184013  20140907_183304   20140907_183256  20140907_183022    Cheap Trip to Jamaica

Cheap Trip to Jamaica   Cheap Trip to Jamaica


Cheap Trip to Jamaica   Cheap Trip to Jamaica   Cheap Trip to Jamaica

Cheap Trip to Jamaica
We visited the Famous Rick’s Cafe

Cheap Trip to Jamaica   Cheap Trip to Jamaica



Cheap Trip to Jamaica   Cheap Trip to Jamaica    Cheap Trip to Jamaica


Cheap Trip to Jamaica
Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea.
Cheap Trip to Jamaica
Steel Drum Band curtesy of our resort

Cheap Trip to Jamaica

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