Grand Canyon

So you want to know how I traveled from Newark, New Jersey to Chicago, Illinois, then Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff & Page Arizona for a TOTAL cost of $633(includes all food, folks, flights and fun)

Here’s the breakdown of my 7-days away:

Chicago & Arizona: A LIVE RICHER Adventure…

– My new client flew me to the Chi to speak to a rowdy group of actors. I had the best time! My client also paid for my flight and 1 night accommodations. Cost: $0 (I made money!)

– I extended my stay in Chicago to visit friends & family, as well as to  explore the city. I stayed with my sister. Cost: $30 (for food when I hung-out)

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– I asked my client to fly me to Arizona instead of back home to New Jersey. It was over $100 cheaper for them. Cost: $0

Screenshot 2014-05-28 13.01.05

– Before I got to Arizona, I reserved a car online ( it’s cheaper this way), and I used a coupon code and saved over $100! I even got a free upgrade to an SUV. Cost: $250 for a week via Dollar Express. (including all taxes, fees and insurance)

– I stayed in 2 different hostels vs. hotels. I love hostels. I’ve met some awesome people who’ve invited me to visit them around the world. My favorite hostel on this trip was in Phoenix. It was brand new and called CamelBackpackers. They even had an awesome and FREE, 4th of July BBQ for their guests.  Cost: $100 (for 4 nights at both hostels)

CamelBackpackers Hostel in Phoenix, Arizona    20140705_081229

– Pheonix, AZ:

* 4th of July fireworks. Cost: $0

* A swanky roof-top pool party. Cost: $10

4th of July in Phoenix, Arizona     20140704_154320

– Sedona,  AZ:

* Hiked and toured the famous red-rock formations: Cost: $0

– Flagstaff, AZ:

* Stayed here for 2 days and had the best food ever! Cost: $30 (super fresh pizza, Thai food, vegan eats)

20140705_161001    20140705_153423    Red rocks in Sedona, Arizona

– Northern, AZ:

* Visited the Grand Canyon: Cost: $25 (for a 7-day National Park pass. I gifted it to some new friends at my hostel when I came back.) 

Grand Canyon, Arizona   20140706_124210   20140706_121716

* Antelope Canyon: Cost: $28

* Horseshoe Bend: Cost: $0

– Extra food,  gas, incidentals. Cost: $100

– Flight from Arizona to Chicago. Cost: $60 (I had a voucher)

Arizona, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend   20140707_120820   20140707_111418   20140707_111441   20140707_110715_19     20140707_105527      20140705_100703

TOTAL cost of my awesome adventure?!: $633 (includes all food, folks, flights and fun)

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  1. Very cool vacation! Arizona has so much to offer (as you proved). Thank you for laying out the costs at each stop too, there are affordable ways to vacation!

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