valentine's day, financial questions

If you’re anything like me and the other women I know, you might be thinking a lot about the state of your relationship. You might even be tempted to have the “what are we doing” talk today.

This time, I challenge you to have a different kind of conversation and ask your honey to show you the money.

There are levels to relationships and at each level, there are different questions that need to be asked and answered to insure that you’re both on the same financial page.

Here’s a checklist of 25 financial questions to ask your boo boo…


Year 0 – 1

valentine's day, financial questions

1. Who or what was your biggest financial influence?

2. Did your parents talk about the family’s finances when you were growing up and what were some of the lessons you learned?

3. How old were you when your parents stopped taking care of you financially?

4. How good are you at budgeting and saving?


Year(s) 1 – 3

valentine's day, financial questions

5. How much debt do you have?

6. How does your credit report look?

7. What is your credit score?

8. Where would you like to be in five/ten years?

9. What are your longterm career plans? 

Years 3 – 5

valentine's day, financial questions

10. What are our joint financial goals?

11. How should we tackle existing debt?

12. What is your financial risk tolerance?

13. How many children do you want to have?

14. Who’s paying what?


Years 5 – 10

valentine's day, financial questions

15. Joint accounts? Separate accounts? Both?

16. Who will be responsible for preparing the taxes?

17. Who should manage our day-to-day household finances (paying bills,

deposits, budgets, etc.)?

18. What are our income and spending patterns?

19. What are our assets and liabilities?

20. Where should we put our financial and legal documents in case of an emergency?

21. How will we handle daily spending decisions?

22. How will we take care of our aging parents?

23. Should we have a prenup? 


Years 10 +

valentine's day, financial questions

24. How will we protect our assets?

25. What does retirement look like?

Did I miss any essential financial questions? I’d love to hear your thoughts. What would you add to the list? How many things were you able to check off?



Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  1. Tiff I closed one eye as I read 10+. Whew we are on track with our Money talks. I really love the “What does retirement look like question.” So far yet so close. The thought of being comfy and cozy keeps Me motivated. Awesome post.

  2. I am so glad that you pulled this together because now the cat is out of the bag. Nobody likes to say it, but there is no romance without finance. Alot of men and women get blindsided then they marry and discover they married their financial opposite and can’t seem to reconcile the difference. Make a t-shirt outta this one, girl.

  3. I think a good question would be. If you were to receive an extra $1000, how would you spend it? That way you will know if they have a mindset to save anything and what their priorities are.

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