Get Good with Money Tool Kit

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Chapter 1: Before We Begin: Get to Know Financial Wholeness

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  • Learn more about Kara Stevens, CEO, and founder of The Frugal Feminista and author of Heal Your Relationship with Money - Click here
  • Learn more about Ash Cash Exantus, wealth coach and chief financial educator at MindRight Money Management, and author of Mind Right Money Right - Click here.

Chapter 2: 10% Whole: Budget Building

Budgeting Tools:

List of favorite online financial institutions:

Best Credit Unions:

Best Online-Only Savings Accounts

Develop a relationship with a credit union before you need to borrow money.

Chapter 3: 20% Whole: Save Like a Squirrel

Best Online-Only Savings Accounts

Digital Rebates (cashback while shopping online) Rakuten 

Chapter 4: 30% Whole: Dig Out of Debt

Chapter 5: 40% Whole: Score High (Credit)

Budgetnista Booster: Netiva Heard aka the Frugal CreditNista, Founder of MNH Financial Services - Click here 

Trusted credit reporting agencies:

Banks that offer second chance accounts:

Get your (FICO) credit score for free:

  • First, check with the bank(s) you have a credit card with to see if they are partnered to provide free FICO score updating

Free Credit Reports:

Best Secured Credit Card

Chapter 6: 50% Whole: Learn to Earn (Increase Your Income)

Budgetnista Booster: Sandy Smith, personal finance expert and small business strategist - Click here

Home Buying and Selling: 

Chapter 7: 60% Whole: Invest Like an Insider (Retirement and Wealth)

Budgetnista Boosters:

  • Investing-Retirement: Kevin L. Matthews II, financial planner and author - Click Here  
  • Investing-Wealth Building: Courtney Richardson, founder of The Ivy Investor - Click here

Use these calculators to help you identify how many years of savings and investing it will take you to be fully ready to retire:

Top brokerage firms:

BrokerCheck: A free tool to research the background and experience of financial brokers, advisers, and firms 

Free Investing Risk-Tolerance Assessments

My top DIY brokerage firm picks 

My top Robo-adviser picks

 Top S&P 500 ETFs

DIY & discount brokerage companies:


Financial advisor search sites 

Investment simulators (virtually play the stock market)

Chapter 8: 70% Whole: Get Good with Insurance

Budgetnista Booster:

  • Anjali Jariwala, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) - Click here

HSA custodian brokerage firms:

Life Insurance quotes:

Best Disability Insurance: 

Chapter 9: 80% Whole: Grow Rich-ish (Increase Your Net Worth)

Chapter 10: 90% Whole: Pick Your Money Team (Financial Professionals)

Chapter 11: 100% Whole: Leave a Legacy (Estate Planning)

  • Budgetnista Booster: Toni Moore, attorney - Click here

Reputable online option for estate planning documents:


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