Lean in… let’s have a convo about investing. 

Wait! Don’t run! I know the idea of investing can be equally frustrating and overwhelming.

I’ve seen it time and again in my 10+ years as “The Budgetnista” (and done it myself). Women are more than willing to track expenses… create budgets… save money… and pay off debts. But as SOON as the talk turns to investment– poof! They disappear.

Well, guess what?

I found an A+ tool to help take the fear and confusion out of investing AND help you avoid those costly financial advisor (and other) “I’ll help you out” fees! 

Let me introduce you to Acorns. Ta-da!

Acorns is a DOPE micro-investing app that helps you turn your spare change into a “whole” investment portfolio… right from your phone!

Yep. In between reading the news and searching for the perfect meme, you can work on building wealth. 

Acorns honestly makes investing simple, easy, and affordable for everyone — not just those know-it-all, fancy Wall-Street types. 

Try Acorns for yourself to start investing today.

How to get started?

I said from your phone, remember?!

Okay, pull it out fast. Download the app… and that’s it.

Acorns is a mobile-first platform that is easy to use and takes less than 5 minutes to set-up your account. Just answer a few questions and you are ready to go with no minimum investment required.

Security Note: Acorns keeps your account information safe and sound with full, bank-level security protections. Acorns protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000. Big money, lol!

How does Acorns work?

So, the overall answer for how Acorns works is through the power of automation! 

Acorns makes investing super simple by rounding up each of your purchases to the next dollar and funneling that spare change right into your Acorns investment portfolio.

For example, that Target purchase that was $29.19, would be rounded up to $30. You won’t even miss the 81 cents that will, instead, get added to your investment account.

To turn the investing magic “on”, you will just connect the debit or credit card of your choice (or even your PayPal wallet) to your new Acorns account.

Download Acorns here. 

Acorns power tools: 

Acorns Invest automatically invests your spare change! The app allows you to invest as little as $5 at a time in a smart, computer-generated ETF portfolio (yup, they do all the work). Your investments can then diversify through more than 7,000 stocks and bonds. Acorns will reassess and rebalance your portfolio automatically as needed.

Acorns has 5 different investment choices that were analyzed and approved by a team of experts (one being the Nobel Prize-winning economist, Dr. Harry Markowitz). They’re based on your “risk tolerance” and range from conservative (for the faint of heart) to aggressive (for those who want to maximize risk and potential returns). Your pace is totally up to you!

You can also arrange to make one-time investments (when you have extra cash), or even set up a standard amount to invest daily, weekly, or monthly.

*BIG BONUS: Acorns works with over 350 money partners like Groupon, Nike, Sephora, Walmart, Walgreens, and Lyft (to name a few) to hook you up even more. Every time you shop with a partner using your linked debit/credit account, your new BFF throws a little change right into your personal Acorns investment account. Free money!! Woot woot!

Acorns Later, an IRA account, lets you automatically save for retirement by setting easy Recurring Contributions. This is one of the easiest ways to save for retirement. When you sign up for this feature, the app recommends the right account for you based on your goals, employment, and income.

Acorns Spend, is a checking account and debit card, that lets you save, invest, and earn while you spend. Acorns Spend has no overdrafts or minimum balance fees, plus has free or fee-reimbursed ATM access nationwide.

Any other benefits?

Of course! Although Acorns is happy to do all the hard investing work for you… it also wants to help you grow your own money know-how along the way. You will learn how to get more from your money with easy-to-understand articles and videos from financial experts, on the Acorns Grow platform.

So, how much?

Dirt cheap… only $1 per month to turn your spare coins into an investment of stocks/bonds… and grow your investment knowledge using their free tools and resources.

If you want to unlock other features like retirement accounts, there are optional upgrade options to one of their $2 or $3 per month tier plans. 

As more and more facets of life get a powerful assist from computer algorithms, it’s due time to get hip to super helpful “micro-investing” and “robo-advising” tools like Acorns to help you stay way ahead of the money curve!

Acorns makes investing as simple as 1-2-3, with smart portfolio algorithms that quietly work in the background… helping you discover the power of investing… penny by penny.

*IMPORTANT WEALTH TIP: You can’t budget and save your way to wealth. Instead, you have to find ways to BEAT inflation and make your money grow! Investing is the very best way to make that happen.

Click here now to get started squirreling away those Acorns ASAP! 

From Acorns… mighty oaks do grow!

P.S. Don’t forget to share this with friends and family you’ve been chatting with for forever about “how to start investing”! You know we share the wealth around here!

My Lisa Rule: I have 4 sisters and Lisa is the baby (well she’s not a baby anymore). Of all of my sisters, I’m the most protective over her. Before I share any product or service with you, it must pass my Lisa Rule. What’s the Lisa Rule? If I would not advise Lisa to use a product or service, I won’t advise you to either. YOU are my Lisa. I feel protective of you and your financial journey. The products and services I recommend, like Acorns, pass my Lisa Rule. Yes, I am an affiliate and earn a commission off of referrals, but I would not recommend a product or service that I didn’t believe was helpful and useful.

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