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Did you know that September is National College Saving Month? Yup!


Raise your hand if you’d like to save more for college, or other goals you have.

Me too. I think just about everyone I know would like to save a little, or a lot more. Then why aren’t we?


It’s not because we don’t want to, right? The hardest part about saving is getting started. I’m a pretty good saver once I get going, and I bet you are, or can be too.


SOLUTION: Upromise GoalSaver– a new and simple way to save for college and other goals from Sallie Mae.


You may have heard me say this before; automation is the new discipline and it’s one of the most effective tools that I use to save.

Sallie Mae’s Upromise GoalSaver has taken my love for auto-saving to the next level. It is a simple, straightforward and free online savings account that allows you to save for college, and other goals, all in one place. Yeeeees.

If you’re one of the 18,000 women that took my LIVE RICHER Challenge, you know that I believe segmenting your savings into specific goals.


For example: I have a travel goal, a car goal and Superman (my honey), and I have a house goal.

Superman & I


What I love about Upromise GoalSaver is the steps to get started are so easy!


  • Sign up
  • Set your goal
  • Save toward it
  • See your progress
  • Earn rewards


All in one place! The old adage is, “Set it and forget it,” and Upromise GoalSaver rewards you for doing just that.

Did I mention that there are also….

  • No monthly fees (A MUST for me)
  • No minimum balance (Ditto)
  • 80% APY (Much higher that most savings accounts)
  • FDIC-insured (A non-negotiable) by Sallie Mae Bank
  • $10 annual bonus for creating automatic deposit. (Who doesn’t love bonus bucks?)
  • 10% match on Upromise cash back rewards


You might be thinking, this sounds great, but I don’t have any money to save. Don’t worry, I have that covered too. Here are two ways that you can begin saving TODAY.


  1. Call your services providers like your car insurance, cable, utilities, cell phone companies etc. and ask them for a discount. Yup! I said it. Ask them if you can pay less…


The Script:

“Hello, my name is _________________ and I’ve been a loyal customer for _____ years. I was reviewing my bill from your agency and due to financial constraints, I’m not able to continue paying this amount. I want to remain a customer; is there something you can do to help me? “



2. Designate an essential-only spending day once a week. Here’s how:

  • Only buy your needs on that day. I like Wednesdays.
  • No luxuries. For example, no coffee, snacks, soda, car wash, food that’s not necessary, etc. (Yes, I said no coffee…just on Wednesdays. However, you can bring it from home).
  • Write down every time you were goingto spend money and at the end of the day, add up how much you saved. That’s the amount you can transfer to your Upromise GoalSaver account.


Let’s recap. You now have 2 new savings strategies and one new resource, Upromise GoalSaver, to help you save. I’d say that you owe me dinner, but I’ll settle for a virtual high-five in the comments. 🙂



FYI: As a partner, I was compensated by Upromise by Sallie Mae for the contents in this post. However all the opinions expressed are my own. I’ve been using Upromise years before partnering with them.



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