Starting a business or side hustle can be a lonely, confusing journey… until NOW.

Unlock the secrets to doing good, working well, helping others, and making money while achieving success on your terms. 

About Tiffany, Your Mentor...

Not yet convinced Tiffany can help you grow your business and take your financial freedom to new heights? 

Over the past decade, Tiffany Aliche (aka The Budgetnista) has:

  • Helped over 2 million women on their financial journey
  • Made over $30 Million in business
  • Achieved a personal net worth of 7 figures
  • Started and grown 5 successful businesses, including 2 multimillion-dollar companies
  • Coached and led a fantastic team of 25+ employees (The Unicorn Squad)
  • Written a New York Times Bestseller, "Get Good with Money"
  • Been featured on TV, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and blogs
  • Nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  • Passed a financial education law in New Jersey (The Budgetnista Law: A1414)
  • Co-hosted a top award-winning podcast, Brown Ambition
  • Spoken on some of the biggest stages in the country

Join our exclusive Mentorship on Patreon and gain access to valuable insights, resources, and mentoring from a successful entrepreneur who has made it BIG.

What you get as a Patreon Mentee

Monthly Mentor Live Streams (Members-Only)

Gain real-time access to invaluable guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur, empowering you to overcome challenges and maximize your potential on your success journey.

Mentor Live Replay Access

Revisit powerful insights and actionable advice at your convenience, ensuring you never miss a crucial learning moment and can absorb information at your own pace.

Exclusive Voting Power on Mentor Live Topics

Influence the direction of your learning experience by voting on the topics that matter most to you, enabling a tailored, relevant mentorship that aligns with your goals.

Q&A Submissions for Personalized Advice

Receive individualized guidance on your unique challenges and questions, ensuring you get targeted advice that helps you overcome specific obstacles in your personal and professional journey.

Bonus Content & Educational Resources

Enhance your learning with a wealth of additional materials, empowering you with the tools and knowledge to dive deeper into key subjects, accelerate growth, and stay ahead of the curve.

In Real Life Events

The NJ Mentee Meetup

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Why should you join?

Unlock the transformative power of our exclusive mentorship program and experience life-changing benefits:

  • Break free from limitations and reach new heights
  • Gain confidence and knowledge to overcome obstacles
  • Make better decisions in your personal and professional life
  • Create a life that aligns with your vision of success
  • Experience continuous growth, empowerment, and inspiration
  • Redefine what's possible for yourself and achieve your goals

Embrace the change and become the best version of yourself with our exceptional mentorship experience.

The Power of Mentorship

The fastest way to grow, learn, and succeed is with the help of others. With consistent mentorship, you can achieve your goals in record time! Unfortunately, Tiffany can't mentor everyone individually – but she's found the perfect solution: Digital Mentoring!

Through a series of videos, lessons, and exclusive access to Tiffany, she'll share her knowledge, experiences, and insights to help you unlock your full potential in personal and professional growth, business, and entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to level up and live life richer?


What You Get Monthly

  • Mentor Live Stream (1 per month)
  • Mentor Live Replay
  • Exclusive Voting Power on Mentor Live Topics
  • Ask questions: Submissions for Q&A
  • Bonus Content & Educational Resources




What You Get Annually

  • Mentor Live Stream (1 per month)
  • Mentor Live Replay
  • Exclusive Voting Power on Mentor Live Topics
  • Ask questions: Submissions for Q&A
  • Bonus Content & Educational Resources
  • Save 20% when joining annually
  • $120/mo



What People Are Saying

Sasha Akeesha

It was an easy decision to make, one that I’ll never go back on💜💜💜

YY Jenkins

This has been the best investment that I have ever made. Tiffany is amazing I have revamped my businesses and have gained more clients than ever before. Thank you Tiffany for all you have shared and poured into me as your mentee


I have gain much insight on all areas of finance and business since interacting with you. Thank you for all you do. ❤️


I encourage all to take this opportunity to join. Invaluable Gems  for a small monthly fee.  Under Tiffany’s guidance, you will not regret this insightful experience ‼️ This mentorship has been been a true blessing for me. This community of positive, talented, intelligent, and knowledgeable people provide a wealth of information to assist you in your Biz and Entrepreneurship growth.😊💜

Procurement Queen

I’m a member. It’s the best $10 I spent.

Shelly Brown

The Patreon Mentee Program is everything!! I now have a clear vision for my life and business. I'm soooo EXCITED to see what will manifest from my Vision Board this year!!


Yesss being in the mentee program is PRICELESS!!! The quality of resources is groundbreaking and our meet up in DC was one of my highlights of the year…not even an exaggeration 😂 Been waiting for an opportunity to learn under you Tiffany for a while and this gives that and then some. You always over deliver ❤️

Denise Loundes

Tiffany is Amazing! She shares from the heart. She is always a light. Please join and tell a friend to tell a friend. This is the Best $10.00 you will ever spend.

Rae Gunawardena

I absolutely love it. Yes, as a teacher who wakes up at 4 AM I can’t take advantage of the 8 PM calls, but all the email support is AMAZING!! Hoping I can start showing up on the calls during the summer and start truly implementing all I’ve been learning to start my career pivot!

Tiffany Williams

Im Grateful to be in community of black women with a growth mindset and uplifting one another

Paige Thomas-Carreker

I’m a mentee and the value and insight I’ve gained from being in the cohort - from meeting like minded people in my city, to getting very specific and detailed steps to take in entrepreneurship, to reading the books that are suggested- will culminate in me being a millionaire. Give me 4 years. 😉

Verlene Harry

The VALUE of this mentorship goes over and beyond. The wisdom that I have gained is priceless!!! #Mymentortiffany 



You are the best! Can’t wait to learn, more, from you!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Ashley Van-Veen

Proud mentee here! And if you’re reading this you should be one too. It’s only $10/month but really should be more to have Tiffany pour into you the way she does. Gems every Thursday like clockwork.


The value of this mentorship is beyond what you can measure simply in the growth of your business. The knowledge you gain adds confidence which allows you to be a bigger better business owner. There are so many gems both personal and business that was well worth it!

Aubrey Willis

I’m a mentee and I willingly became a member of Patreon because this level of expertise is priceless. I’m grateful Tiffany wants us all to win. So many times we invest in everyone around us but not in ourselves. Money well spent!

Joy Thomas

Sign up, grab your favorite notebook and pen, and prepare to FEAST!!! It's insane how much wisdom is dropped yall. 🗣✍🏽️🦻🏽

Maggie Gomez CFP®

I’m LOVING being a mentee and so thankful for the community and all the amazing gems Tiffany shares! She sends voice notes and really helps us think through business stuff in a thoughtful way! The other ladies in the community are so amazing too! It’s so great being in the room with other ambitious women working on their businesses 🤩✨🤗🫶🏼


Absolutely amazing to have the tips and tricks of being successful for so many types of business. All with the Tiffany flair 💕💕💕


🤌🏾This mentorship program is the type of investment that is invaluable in all honesty. I’ve made tangible progress and am shocked at the short amount of time it took.

👀We all know there are programs that will charge two arms and a leg in exchange for some low vibrational peanuts when it’s all said and done. Well not THIS ONE!!

I even gifted a few month’s membership to my entrepreneurial sister in law!

Brianna Marie

This has definitely been a blessing to me and my photography business! There's so much to learn behind the scenes, and Tiffany teaches it ALL 👏🏽👏🏽

Tamika Howell

Don’t hesitate to join Tiffany’s mentorship community ya’ll! The value is amazing! Thank you so much for creating this space!

Vickie R. Patton

Absolutely love, love, love this family! So many Gems shared! Give it a try!


So happy I'm part of this!! Tiffany has helped me out so much! #YourTurn #joinUs

Kiara Lee-Benton

It’s the realness, the resources, and the beautiful community for me! I love being a part of this program!

Tamecka Murray

When your Sista friend is your mentor....You get blessed twice. I've learned so much already while enjoying the process of walking in my purpose. 🫶🏾🙌🏾 Thank you my mentor @thebudgetnista ❤️❤️❤️

Terina Nicole

Yeah, we LOVE it here! 💝

Dr. Sayiba Mala Aiko, EDD, MBA

Thank you for this space! The lessons are invaluable. $10 a month is definitely a steal!! 🤑

Leah Janelle

If anyone is questioning it you should DEFINITELY join ! We love it here ❤️! There’s no way that this should be $10 a month. #ILoveMyMentor

Veronica Kelsey

I so love the mentee program you learn so much about your finance from budget investment saving and spending and how to vacation on a budget or how to save for an expensive item or trip. Thank you Tiffany aka Budgetnista ❤️


It is everything Tiffany just said here and more! 🙌🏾 She is generous with her time, resources, and access—yes, access. She’s not hiding behind a virtual coaching model! Eternally grateful for the blessings that have come my way with this mentoring program. Thank you!

Ellie Kay

Such a great resource and value! I’ve successfully been in this business for 25 years and Tiffany teaches me so many business hacks and best practices. Really Love Tiffany’s heart to help

Pastor Tina

Tiffany is absolutely AMAZING! 🔥 From the knowledge, care and time she dedicates to us, I feel as if we have a personal relationship. I love that she is just so real. Sidebar- you will hear love a lot when I’m talking about Tiffany because she is just DA-BOMB!!! She’s so inspirational and encouraging for those of us who’ve had since enough to join her group hint hint 😁. There are no down sides to being mentored by Tiffany. You should do yourself, your family and your future a favor and link up with Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche this girl is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tameka B.

Such a blessing to have this space to glean your wisdom💚💚💚

Ikeisha Murphy

Best investment I’ve made in 2 years; learning how to scale my business and why my business community is super important has been invaluable!!

Veronica Kelsey

You connect, you teach and you inspire. Thanks for being a great mentor Tiffany. You are amazing💕

Nikia Jewitt MSN, RNC-MNN

Amazing mentorship program! I've learned so much already 😍😍👏👏

Jackie Harris

I love this group so much 🔥 best investment of time I could have asked for!!! Thank you @thebudgetnista for bringing us all together in a safe environment that we are learning growing and thriving from each other 🥰❣️🫶🏽

Carla Marie

I’m so happy that I made the decision to invest my time and money into My Mentor Tiffany! Tiffany has provided us with so much valuable information. It’s well worth it.

Jacquie Wagg

Amazing mentorship that has helped me change my mindset and opened my eyes to so much more! A value that is priceless! Thank you @thebudgetnista

Nedra Reid

I'm extremely happy @thebudgetnista decided to Mentor. I'm a proud mentee. She has opened my eyes to so much. I couldn't pay for the information or the ability to be in a room for knowledgeable, motivated, and growing professionals. Thanks Tiffany. #thatsmymentor

Suds by Sasha

This is an amazing investment at a steal! Don’t walk, RUN to sign up 🏃🏿‍♀️💃🏿🏃🏿‍♀️

Valerie Hansford

The mentee program is incredible. It helps for personal growth and she gives a lot of insight into personal growth.

Shelley Brown

The Patreon Mentee Program is everything!! I now have a clear vision for my life and business. I'm soooo EXCITED to see what will manifest from my Vision Board this year!!

Irene Wade

This mentorship has been amazing… it helped me to shift my mindset and improve my business strategies. Im super grateful for this community helping me

Les Go

I love it here, Mentee chronicles!!!!😍😍😍😍😍💚💚💚💚💚💚

Kim Crabbe, MPA

Im down. I already paid my subscription for last year. How can i get a copy of get good with $$ i am giving them out for Valentines day and addding it to my homeschoolers reading list.

Mel Melz

I joined today!!!

Kia Thompson

Yolanda Jamison Toole

I'm in there!

Denise Loundes-Russell

I figured it out. Tiffany is definitely the real deal. You can’t beat $10.00 for all the gems she shares. So tell a friend to tell a friend. She genuinely wants to see you succeed.