How to Raise Your Credit Score 100 points in One Year

I know, I know you’re probably thinking, “Is it really possible to raise my credit score 100 points in only 1 year?” The answer is… YES!

Results are not guaranteed, but I’ve done it and so have a bunch of my clients, students, fans, followers and friends based upon the steps I’m about to show you. Earlier in the year, I did a month-long, financial challenge called, The B Money Challenge.

Each day during the challenge I gave participants a task to complete. The video below is from Day 25 of the challenge. The task that day was: Raise Your Credit Score. The advice I gave then, is still relevant now.

Before you start, let’s take care of credit cards with high interest rates. Because I suggest that you pay off your debt with the lowest balances first, you may worry about neglecting your credit cards with high interest rates. There are a couple ways to get your interest rates down.

  1. Call your credit card company(s) and negotiate for lower rates.
  2. Transfer the balance of your higher interest rate credit card(s) onto a lower interest rate card. Wondering how to do a balance transfer? Here’s how:
    1. Go to and search for a balance transfer card. Look for cards that offer a 0% interest rate for at least 6 months and the lowest transfer fee available. Take note, when doing a balance transfer, credit card companies will often charge you a fee – about 3% of the total balance.

(FYI: Sometimes credit card companies run a special where you can transfer your balance without a fee. That’s the type of deal you’re looking for on!)

    1. Once you locate a card you’re interest in, call the company and ask:
      1. How long is the 0% introductory rate?
      2. What will my rate be after the introductory rate expires?
      3. How much is the transfer fee?
      4. What happens if you’re late with a payment?
      5. Is there any fine print you should know about?

Now here’s the step by step guide to your debt repayment plan: Enjoy!

If you watched the video (hint, hint, watch the video), then this is just a review.

How to raise your score 100 points in 1 year…

1)    Pay down debt (30% of your score)

2)    Pay your bills on time (35% of your score)

3)    Auto-pay off a small debt aka bring it’s balance to $0 EVERY month. FYI: This is where the magic happens. Doing this will make your credit score jump like Jordan.

4) Become an authorized user on a credit card account in good standing

The Good News:
When you’re added as an authorized user, the account will appear on your credit reports, too. If the account remains positive with a low balance, it can help you establish and improve your credit history.

The Great News:
An authorized user has permission to use the credit card, but is not responsible for any of the debt. 

If the account is reported and there are delinquencies appearing on the account, it is likely that the delinquencies are affecting your scores. However, because you are not responsible for the debt, credit scoring companies will remove authorized user accounts that become delinquent.

The account may be removed automatically, but if you find it is still being reported, follow the dispute instructions provided with your credit reports and request that it be deleted. Basically, the authorized user get all of the benefits and none of the risks.

Oooooo! I just remembered something! I didn’t mention it in the video, but if you consistently keep your credit card balances below 30% of your credit limits, this will help to tremendously raise your score too.  This means if your limit is $1000, keep your balance below $300. Also, don’t forget to get your Trans Union score for FREE via Credit Karma, and use their FREE service to help you monitor your progress. They offer tips on how to improve your score as well. Ummm, did I mention it was all FREE?!

If you need more help, here’s an awesome resource: “What the FICO: 12 Steps to Repairing Your Credit” by Ash Cash

This book was BY FAR, the best & simplest book I’ve ever read about credit. I actually learned some things that I didn’t know! Seriously…I was blown away at some of the steps & tips the author shares. If you’re having problems with your credit…RUN, don’t walk to get the book. You’ll see…

You’re welcome.


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About the Author Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, is an award-winning teacher of financial education, America’s favorite, personal financial educator, and author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Get Good with Money. The Budgetnista is also an Amazon #1 bestselling author of The One Week Budget and the Live Richer Challenge series and most recently, a children's book, Happy Birthday Mali More.

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  1. Love these tips, my score has taken a hit since buying my house in August, so I was looking for ways to raise and be able to buy a rental property next year.

  2. I loved these tips! I also started reading the book “What the FICO….” by Ash Cash and it was such a great read!!! I’m working on all of it now. I should be at a much higher score this time next year.

      1. I definitely will!! I decided I was going to have to take full control over it this year. Things need to get done. I still need to go back through the book. I read it once all the way through and am about to get started on things this month with the work part.

  3. Just signed up for Credit Karma and check my credit score. I knew what to expect but I been working on it. I am so happy about the tips you suggested because I read something similar some place else. I decided to pay for certain expenses for my business on one card and been paying down that card until those charges are the only things that would be on the statement. Credit Karma showed me that I’m just over 30% for that card. Hopefully in the next three months I will be under the 30% mark. Like you said in your video I do have other things that I need to work on in order to improve my credit score. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

      1. Thanks. I just arrangement for a payment plan for one of 3 of my bad debts today. That should be paid off in 6 months of less. I applied for the Capital One Secured Card, just waiting for a decision on that.

        1. YAY! You’re on your way @artdeal:disqus. Also, check with your bank if Capital One doesn’t approve you. Credit Unions and Small Community Banks are also easier to get approved for.

          Go you! Please keep me updated… :)

  4. Thank for the recommendations I am on a serious mission to get all aspect of my life in order. Financial stuff can be so daunting but what you’ve outlined seems totally doable!

  5. Thank you for this. I have raised my score by ten points each for the past two months and didn’t think that was great. I hope to keep going, but some health emergencies kinda threw me off track a bit. But I hope to really keep on track.

  6. When I was going through the process of eliminating my debt, I was not even paying attention to my credit score. I just wanted the debt gone. It would have been helpful to know these helpful hints, because even though I have good credit, I didn’t have a roadmap, which is important to KNOW explicitly how to replicate best practices.

  7. Great post and video Tiffany. I value your honesty, a lot of people don’t like to speak about their financial issues. Unlike Kara, my reasoning for getting my financial life together was to increase my credit score. Excellent note about tricking your credit score to jump. Will definitely be sharing with our readers.

  8. Question I know you are not an “expert” on how it works but do you know if this works if you pay off things on your credit report that have been on their for years? I am getting my finances in order this year. Should I pay off the original debts or do settlements? Thanks

    1. Hi @imperfctconcept:disqus,

      Great question. Before attempting to pay off debt, first research the Statue of Limitations on debt in your state. This will tell you how long a debt collector has to legally collect debt from you. In my state, it’s 6 years.

      This means after 6 years I still owe the debt, but the collector doesn’t have the legal means to collect. They WILL NOT tell you this and will attempt to collect anyway.

      I actually wrote a whole post about how to deal with Debt Collectors. It will fully answer your question and more!

      You can find it by putting the word DEBT in the search box on the top of the page on the right.

      The article is called: 9 Ways to Successfully Handle Debt Collectors.

  9. I have a question. I know you said you put your gym membership on your credit card in the video. Could I do the same thing with my cell phone bill and just pay the balance to zero every month?

  10. Hi Tiff! I am ready for the challenge and am doing the steps you mentioned in the video. The bonus is that some inquiries just came off my report and I saw my score raise as a result. I am checking out “What The FICO” next. I love the title

  11. Hi Tiffany, thank you so much for sharing the tips for increasing credit scores. I am trying to get my financial house in order so to speak. My biggest debts are my student loans, which collectively read like a mortgage. Aside from paying extra each month, any tips for tackling this ball and chain? Thanks. And just started on the Live Richer challenge, on day 2 :)

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    3. Get low interest rates on credit cards and loans.
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  13. please i need a really fast and reliable creditrepair company, i really need to increase my bad creditscore..

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